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Univel Platform:
Herkes İçin Erişilebilirliği Artırma

Engellilere yönelik asansörler konusunda uzmanlaşmış lider asansör şirketi Univel Platform'un misyonunu ve değerlerini keşfedin.


Portal has proven itself throughout Turkey in the field of elevators and disabled elevators, their installation and service, and has become a brand that continues its portfolio with new projects every day.

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Hidrolik Engelli Platformu

Dikey tip engelli platformu, yüksek kaliteli malzemeler kullanılarak monte edilen ve en yüksek performansın ve olağanüstü estetiğin özelliklerini karşılamak üzere tasarlanmış dikey engelli platformudur. 


Hidrolik Açık Tip Engelli Platformu

Hidrolik açık tip engelli platformu, 2 metreye kadar dahili veya harici dikey hareket sağlayan bir Açık Engelli Platformudur. 


Yatay Tip
Engelli Platformu

Merdiven Asansörü uygulanacağı merdivenlere özel olarak projelendirilerek üretilmektedir. Hem düz hem de kavisli merdivenlerde uygulanabilmekte ve her türlü yapısal mimariye çözüm sağlayabilmektedir.


Our aim; Our aim is to contribute to the country by producing the products needed by the elevator industry as a national company within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and to introduce our brand to the world with our products of high quality standards. At the same time, we are proud to contribute to increasing the use of domestic goods in our country from both an economic and spiritual perspective.

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Vision and Mission; With the modern construction that has become widespread in the world, the need for elevators and disabled platforms has ceased to be a luxury and has become an inevitable necessity. Our basic principle is to be a solution for you by adopting comfort and quality as a way of life in elevators and disabled platforms. We are always ready to respond quickly to customer requests at every stage from the beginning to the end, with better quality than expected, more economical and always accessible. As Hitaş Elevator, it has always been in favor of quality and engineering and has never compromised, even if it is to save costs arising from competition in the market.

By closely following the technological developments in the world and in Turkey, we offer you the best service in an ergonomic way with our R&D studies. One of our most important missions is to consistently maintain customer satisfaction by offering the highest value and quality to our customers. Training, which is one of our indispensable criteria for the safety and life of the staff and you users, is our main priority. It is our priority to provide both occupational health and safety training and Vocational Competence Certificate (MYK) Training to all our personnel on a regular basis.

Our projects

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Ömerağa Mah. Alemdar Cad. Soydan İş Merkezi No:34 D:135 İzmit / Kocaeli

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